Update KDE the smart way

Is there any way this could be clarified? It’s said so casually, but when I log out of my Manjaro KDE session, it simply takes me back to the login screen. From there, the only options are to log in to another (GUI) account, shut down, restart, etc…

So, on Manjaro KDE, how exactly would a newer user completely log out of the GUI and switch to TTY?

  • SSH from another machine?
  • Alt+Shift+numbers?
  • killall KDE?
  • a GRUB/boot option on restart?

that should work no matter your display manager

At the display manager - press any key combo switching to TTY

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ctrl+alt+F3 will take you to TTY3 , ctrl+alt+F5 will take you to TTY5 etc…,


Got it, thanks! Control+Alt+F2 <through 6> did the trick for me.

This is really cool. :slight_smile:

And just in case anyone else is searching and sees this thread, I’ve just experimented and found out that Control+Alt+F1 takes me back to my KDE Desktop. Thankfully.

(a further note: upon returning to my desktop, all of my Electron apps, such as Signal and Joplin, turned into black boxes until toggling window focus. Maybe this is a window manager thing, or an NVIDIA drivers thing? Hopefully the system is still stable.)

It seems that networking doesn’t work if you are signed out of KDE and switch to a different tty or is it just me?

try nmtui

I have used nmtui before but is that just for the current session or does it modify the network settings that are otherwise handled by the network manager of KDE?

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