Update KDE addons/widgets/themes through CLI?

I just recently learned that it’s possible to update through Discover all the themes, icons and other appearance stuff you install with KDE’s System-Setting Addon-Installers, but I’m left wondering whether it’s possible to update them through the terminal? I use an alias to automatically update all my package managers together in a single command, but the themes and icons that appear on Discover aren’t getting updated, ie. they aren’t updated through pacman, aur or flatpak. How, or is it possible to update them through the terminal?

pkcon is the command line utility that allows you to interact with PackageKit and is part of packagekit package from repos.

I tried to pkcon refresh and get-updates for the Inverse icon theme but the above update that’s listed on Discover isn’t being found. I somehow don’t want to believe that Discover itself would wget or curl updates from store.kde.org for plasma addons, but i guess it’s possible then? I checked what repositories my Discover is using and there’re listed only the basic manjaro repos, flathubs and firmware update repos, but I update all these repos through the terminal… so, the plasma addons don’t have a repository or a package manager then?

Edit: after some digging I found out that the plasma addons are KPackages and are managed with kpackagetool5 (or plasmapkg2 – what’s the difference?), but sadly there doesn’t seem to be a command line tool to automatically update all the installed KPackages like Discover does through its graphical user interface.