Update Issues from Friday morning (2023-05-19) until Sunday (2023-05-21)

Arch Linux announced major maintenance between Friday 2023-05-19 till Sunday 2023-05-21 of their repositories that will also affect arch-based distros like manjaro. so do expect serious issues if you try to updating/maintaining manjaro between this time-frame. imho it’s better not to try any updating until arch has finished its maintaining process.
we’ll see how much it affects manjaro but i think everybody should be informed that major issues can/will occur.

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only unstable branch :wink:

note: community is not deleted but just empty so there is no change for the user

archlinux plan to release

well i read something different:

How does this impact Arch Linux packagers?

Packagers will not be able to patch and update their packages. The internal Tier 0 mirror is also going to be disabled for the duration of this migration.

Arch does on that weekend what they want to do. There is no direct impact to Manjaro as we have our own infra structure of mirrors anyway. We will sync as usual from an Arch mirror and not from their master server. Also we will decide if we keep community repos on our end.

So what changes for Arch:

  • they will drop their community repo and will introduce a bunch of new ones
  • they will switch from SVN to GIT
  • there will be some “downtime” of infra on their end
  • only when they complete their switch we will see what might be needed from our end.

What might that mean for Manjaro:

  • a lot of packages move from community to extra repos
  • Archlinux ARM might take longer to adopt to those changes
  • same might be true for our RISC-V architecture we are currently build up

So in short. Manjaro won’t have any downtime during that timeframe nor it will affect our users for now.


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