[UPDATE ISSUE] sudo pacman -Syu & pamac can't update, but sudo pacman -Syyu does the job

Hi, almost newbie here, switched from a windows-friendly apt-based distro. Sorry for spamming the forum by creating this thread, but the update thread is locked :confused:
A while ago, I ran pamac-manager, only to get hit by a huge update-storm. Then, I came here and saw an update announcement. Running sudo pacman -Syu in yakuake gave me a dependency issue which was something like networkmanager-pptp requires ppp=2.4.9 but it is not available. Could not resolve dependencies. However, sudo pacman -Syyu gave me an even bigger update, without any dependency issues. Searching ArchWiki and other places doesn’t give me much info on why that happened, except that the extra y in -Syyu syncs repos again.
Now my questions are:

  1. Can I proceed safely with the update?
  2. Why did this happen?
    Pardon my poor English, it’s not my native language

pacman -Syu updates your databases if the repositories haven’t been checked recently, and upgrades any new package versions.

pacman -Syyu forces updates of your databases for all repositories (even if it was just updated recently) and upgrades any new package versions.

pacman -Syuu upgrades packages and also downgrades packages (if you happen to have a newer version than in the repository). Normally this should not be used. Only if you’re trying to fix a specific issue due to a new package being removed from the repository.

  • -y checks the repositories hashes on the available mirrors, comparing them to the local system. If there is a difference, downloads and updates the package list from the available mirrors. Use it when you haven’t made any changes to your repository or mirror list.

  • -yy doesn’t check anything. Just downloads and updates the package list for all repositories from the available mirrors. Use it when you changed your repository or mirror lists.

In short, you can always use -Syyu safely.
But you should not use -uu if you have not to downgrade any packets.


I have this problem to.
I used : sudo pacman -Syyuu to fix this problem

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Please note that a new Stable Update has been published half an hour ago.
Perhaps the mirrors have not been updated yet. Please wait some hours or tomorrow.

Don’t just blndly go updating the moment you receive any notification, wait for the thread to read for any known issues and always check (as instructed) if your mirrors are updated https://repo.manjaro.org . More so if you are a newbie.

P.S. The thread has been opened since an hour now.

Thanks, that got my issues cleared. Ran pacman -Syyu and everything seems to be ok atm. Also the update thread has opened. Yay!

I would just add, consider always running

pacman-mirrors                        # view status of mirrors

pacman-mirrors --fasttrack            # create list based on...

You will see the command list in this forum

pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && pacman -Syyu

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