Update installing firefox

I uninstalled firefox and installed firefox-appmenu-bin from the aur. Running pamac upgrade today is trying to remove firefox-appmenu-bin and install firefox which will stop it working with the KDE global menu.

To prevent this I’ve added firefox to the IgnorePkg section in pacman.conf which has allowed me to update while skipping the language packs. Is this the preferred way to handle this kind of situation in Manjaro?

firefox-appmenu-bin is outdated. If you want to keep it safe either use the normal repo firefox or run:

pamac build firefox-appmenu

(without -bin) - which will take a quiet long time, I know.

84.0.1 isn’t that outdated compared to 84.0.2 is it?

Anyway, giving the build from source a try…

For firefox it is a big difference as only the newest version carries all safety patches. Be prepared, this could take hours, depending on your cpu, disk and memory.

You weren’t joking. It had already taken several hours on my 4 core i7 16GB laptop when the binary package updated this afternoon. I think I can live with it being a few days behind compared to the build time.