Update/install Error 404

Why does this keep happening? Like once a week, I have to do this dance with the package manager.
It’s obviously fixable by doing sudo pacman-mirrors -c all, but why do I have to keep doing it? If it’s a regular occurrence, why doesn’t the software do it on its own? Wouldn’t refreshing the mirrors be a necessary first step to any search/install/update?
Sometimes, it even fails the refresh in multiple spots. Sometimes, I get the 404 error even after refreshing.
I don’t know if it’s because I use a VPN, and there may be some shady characters on some of these addresses doing unsavory things, but it even happens when I’m barebacking the internet without it. Is it just me? Am I misunderstanding the problem? I’ve been using linux on & off since '04, and I’ve never seen a package manager that needed manual intervention on a regular basis like this.

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No, that would just put unessesary strain on the servers. If your system is updated, why keep trying to sync?
You create a mirrorlist and then that is used until you opt to change that list.
You seem to add all countries so this should not be happening.

Seems like it.

Only debian based systems? :wink:

When that happens (it looks like the pamac authentication) can you run the update with pacman instead or does that fail too?

sudo pacman -Syu

What does pacman-mirrors return when that error occurs?

Do you have unmanaged pacnew files?

pacdiff -o

One thing that comes to mind.
Do you have automatic updates to run with pamac?
I don’t know since that is the first thing I turn off after a install, but THAT might rerun your mirror list and do something strange?

Make sure to check pacman-mirrors when the error returns to see how your pacman-mirrors look.

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This isn’t about refreshing the mirrors, but syncing package database. pkgconf-2.0.3-1 doesn’t exist anywhere anymore.

Eg. it’s what you would get doing pacman -S pkgconf on an unupdated system.

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Because you don’t keep your metadata up-to-date.

Yes you are

Even for debian based you need refresh the metadata before updating

sudo pacman -Syu

which is equivalent of updating debian metadata

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade

Little correction:

sudo pacman -Sy
sudo apt update
sudo pacman -Syu
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade