Update hung installing updates

Update hung in Liboffice, had to do a hard reboot and when I did system came back up but Libreoffice was missing, Conly wont run and apparently Wireless tools are messed up and my NordVPN wont run… Still working through it

Hi, Garry!


Unexpected power loss (improper shutdown) could lead to data loss which was in-memory only or partly in memory and as not dumped into permanent storage. Perhaps you are fixing that issues now.

Did you tried to switch to virtual terminal (TTY), for example TTY3: Ctrl+Alt+F3 and to try to see processes state there and if you would be able to stop update process and wait many minutes to let it to stop by itself, to proceed with gentle reboot by calling systemctl reboot?

For future try to prevent such shut down also by [HowTo] reboot / turn off your frozen computer: REISUB/REISUO

To the current state.

If you have backups (i.e. Timeshift snapshots) may be better to covers previous state of file system than to fix it.

I completely do not know details of your issue, but if I would not have backups I would try to resurrect all execution files first: pacman/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki
That will download about 2.5-3 GiB data from Internet.
Also may be better to rebuild all AUR packages which executable files was running at the moment of shutdown.

Unfortunately the suggestion will not fix possible corruption of user config files and user data files. Better to restore filesystem system state from a snapshot.

Also try to remember what user files (did you have opened / were in use) and try to check them for corruption (to compare byte-to-byte with their backup copies or at least visually).
For a small and several files the

~/Desktop ❯ pamac info kompare | grep -iE "name|desc|repo"
Name                  : kompare
Description           : Graphical file differences tool
Repository            : extra

tool could be used.

But I am not a master of restoration, I do not know how can I help you more.

Hope you will be able to fix results of the issue.

Thanks, had to do a hard reboot as Keyboard totally froze, restart button also did nothing, finally had to pull the plug so I’m sure somethings were in midstate as it hung up… It’s not horrible, I have Grsync installed going to an auxillary drive so I can do a clean reinstall and just restore from there.

i did do a pacman -Qk (check database) and got libreoffice-fresh-7.2.2-1 file list is missing.
So you are maybe carefull to installing Libreoffice again. And it seems that was the problem, that our updates did hung.