Update-grub already exists in filesystem

Because of the 2023-03-01 stable update’s grub issue, I have put grub in the package ignore list, following a workaround mentioned by philm, but with this update I’m getting the following error:

Failed to commit transaction
conflicting files:
- update-grub: /usr/bin/update-grub already exists in filesystem (owned by grub)

I assume grub being in the ignore list and this error are related.

Should I get grub out of the package ignore list and risk the update?

Either that or ignore update-grub package as well (which might get problematic if it’s not installed yet as it’s a dependency for mhwd).

Thanks @freggel.doe. Yes, update-grub is not installed yet, so I’ll have to risk the update. I’ll try doing so in a few days, after I’ve backed up my data.

Technically you can also try to upgrade (with continued ignoring grub) and just pretend update-grub to be installed:

# pacman -Syu --assume-installed update-grub

Just remember: ignoring packages comes with risk of breakage and is unsupported.

Given the downsides of ignoring packages, I just applied philm’s workaround and unignored grub before updating, which fixed the issue without reactivating the previous LUKS encrypted install issue. Thanks @freggel.doe!

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