Update Firmware On A Samsung 870 EVO 500GB SSD On Manjaro?


I have a weird issue with a new Samsung SSD on a throwaway Lenovo laptop.
On a warm reboot, the Samsung SSD is not recognized in the BIOS and the OS does not boot.
(cold boot works every time though)

Wanted to see if updating the Samsung SSD firmware would fix the above issue.
Would it be possible to update Samsung SSD firmware on Manjaro KDE Linux?
It’s a Samsung 870 EVO 500GB SSD…

Let me know, thanks!


You may want to try fwupd and since you’re using KDE, you would use Discover.


Or fwupd in the terminal.


You can download the SSD firmware on this side:


Thanks for the help.
I installed KDE “Discover” application, but don’t know how to proceed.



as far I can see, update of Samsung SSDs is not supported by fwupd.

I also have several Samsung SSDs and I can’t update them with fwupd.

Please check the link provided by @Keruskerfuerst in previous post.

There also a guide for firmware update of SSDs is provided.

Update with direct link to update guide:
Samsung SSD Firmware Update Guide

You only need to download the iso image for the SSD and write it to an USB stick.


Ok, updated the firmware of the Samsung SSD.
Still have same issue though:

On warm reboot, Samsung SSD is not seen by BIOS and Manjaro fails to boot?
Anything else I can try?



Bios update of the Laptop ?

The BIOS of the Lenovo laptop is up to date…

I don’t know Lenovo laptops.
Is it possible to change in BIOS, what mode for SATA controller should be used?

There is an older post, where the SATA controller had been changed to AHCI:
SSD no longer detected in BIOS, but after reboot from Windows

There is also another post, where it is suggested to reset BIOS configuration to default values:
post as of Jan. 8, 2014

There is also a Youtube video available, which could be helpful for you:
How To Fix Lenovo Hard Drive Not Found, Hard Drive Not Detected, No Hard Drive, No HDD Error