Update fails because of file conflicts

I’m running manjaro i3 on an iMac. When trying to do the recent complete system update i’m getting this error msg:

  Fehler: Konnte den Vorgang nicht durchführen (In Konflikt stehende Dateien)
dunst: /usr/bin/dunstify existiert im Dateisystem (gehört zu dunstify)
Fehler sind aufgetreten, keine Pakete wurden aktualisiert.
  Updates from system repositories have failed probably because of file conflicts. 

[Essentially, it says dunst could not be installed because /usr/bin/dusntify exists and belongs to dunstify]

Should i delete dunstify? Or should i exclude dunst from the complete system upgrade? And if so, how will this be done?

Thanks a lot in advance!

This should help:

Also, small tip: you can add LANG=C before your command so that it outputs in English. :wink:

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