Update did not sync

Today, I started the update, but it said “couldn’t synce packages”. Now when I open add/remove software, it says “system is up to date”. The updates were pamac-GTK &can’t really remember the other, pamac-???.

your informations are very, very basic and confusing, but let me guess from what i can read.
please open the packagemanager, in the right, top corner (where window minimize,close) is check, there is a option for settings, click on it and you’ll see the option “update database”. update the database and redo the update afterwards.

I see no update database.

you clicked the button left beside window-minimize in the right-top-corner ?

Yes, I go to the preferences option, no update database.

check here:

Run void_realms_001so just type that in CLI?

again, check where the mouse-pointer is in the picture (right-top)

Well I refreshed, it says up to date. So I am good I guess.

I had the same message this morning. I got 1 update for brave and that update was successfully installed while the message box was in front.
I did also an “update database” afterwards and got no errors or warnings.