Update changed my Firefox account settings

I updated my Manjaro installation yesterday after a long time (I haven’t been using that computer). Now I opened Firefox on my Laptop and the first thing that ops up is Manjaro homepage. This is ridiculous. I’m not even using Manjaro on my laptop. I know that Manjaro updates tend to reset Firefox settings, but this thing modified my homepage settings on my account. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Manjaro, but this screams virus-like behavior. Can the maintainers not do this please? Just because I like Manjaro in some circumstances doesn’t ean I worship it like a cult, and I keep my homepage settings for a reason.

This contradicts your next statement

Then how can you claim an update changed it?

If you are using Firefox Sync then your settings may come from one of your other devices.

Manjaro provides a settings package with new installations manjaro-browser-settings.

This package is easily removed

sudo pacman -Rns manjaro-browser-settings

The package contains files for various browsers


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The phenomenon you’re talking about is caused by a package called manjaro-browser-settings, which can be safely removed. :point_down:

sudo pacman -R manjaro-browser-settings

I’m not sure, but I believe that this package isn’t even included anymore on recent ISOs, because there have been complaints about this before.

Well, if you’re not even using Manjaro, then how could you have updated it?

No, it doesn’t. A system update does not touch the users’ home directories. The only thing that may happen is when the update brings along new configuration options that did not exist before, and that when firing up the component in question after the update has the new configuration options set to their defaults as the updated software comes from the developers.


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