Update app/program

It could be better if Pamac would warn us via a popup-app if updates are available, like on ZorinOS.


It already does. I get a red shield appear in the tray when updates are available.

Edit: Sorry, just noticed you use Gnome. I’m not sure how it displays available updates in Gnome, I use KDE

I say, it could be better if it did not only display updates in-tray, but in an app, which we can close, open and update the system with. Kinda like Pamac GUI, but with minimalistic design and focus on only system updates.

pamac-gnome-integration offers native Gnome notifications, aside the presence in tray and opens Pamac UI directly to the updates tab.
pamac-tray-icon-plasma does the same thing on KDE Plasma
Pamac UI works fine on all DE and WM to install or update, really no need and no advantage of another package manager.


I know what you are talking about and i concur this make updates very visible.
But the notifications and tray icon already make them quite visible, without getting obstructive.

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I don’t think we need a nagging pop-up when updates are available.

The notification in the system tray is fine for that.


Nah, we should hold the user hostage and force updates at will - especially when attempting to power on or off. :+1:

Actually all it does is it redirect queries that would normally open GNOME Software to Pamac. :wink:

The old GNOME Shell Extension tray icon functionality is built-in to pamac-gtk now.

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