Update a little the information of the Manjaro Wiki

Hello community, it is also something that could be on the table of what to do for the Manjaro team.

But I was thinking that maybe it’s time to update some information within the Manjaro wiki and fill it in with a little more stuff. Sometimes many ask about the consumption of resources that some DEs can have within Manjaro since there are certain differences with respect to others, just a few.

Also rendering images and some more up-to-date repair tips for pamac-pacman cases, such as lost package updates that a: pamac update --force-refresh -a usually fixes.

What do you think? Although perhaps you have already discussed it among yourselves.

I don’t know, I’m just a kangaroo.

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I’m not sure this makes a lot of sense.

and its pacman counterpart sudo pacman -Syyu are mentioned in the wiki already … if anything their presence should be toned down because these days doing something like sudo pacman-mirrors -f actually does not require a forceful refresh and the user can simply use sudo pacman -Syu.

Your only other suggestion here is

… in which I’m not really sure whether you mean system resources or power … as well as the simple fact that they are actually pretty comparable now. XFCE no longer runs at 150mb of RAM … plasma can easily be brought down to ~700mb if desired … while thats not even a true or fair comparison because how those resources are managed and utilized matters more … and this information is much better handled by the respective projects themselves and/or dedicated reviewers and stress testers etc.
(all while that information is continually changing)

Ultimately … comparing DE’s is not really manjaros job :wink:

Though I dont entirely disagree that the wiki could use some attention in a number of areas.

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I understand without problems, they are more inside than myself about what would be the best.

I was thinking about the resources since it is a very recurring question in groups and I answer in the same way that you have done, only that most of them look for a more direct answer but sometimes it depends a little more on the type of hardware.

I’m sorry if I confused in any way, sometimes showing my ideas can be confusing because I mix information hahaha

Be happy there are screenshots for the ones listed … they may be old … but no one else did or has done it … and I cant upload files anymore. :sweat_smile:

Each thing at it’s time hahaha

I think that most these things have been discussed on this forum many times and information can be found by using the search function

If there were more volunteers available to edit and update the wiki they could incorporate new information from the forum

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I myself have left several [How To] of basic things that can be done by terminal. Even more, it is a lot of information to place in case more is put in the forum