[update 04-28] Today's update and Kernel 5.12 seems to have broken Nvidia Prime?

After updating today the system and the Kernel I can no longer run any games on my optimus enabled Nvidia graphics card. The game either stops or the system freezes completely.

It used to work fine before the update and I can also still run games on the intel gpu.

Probably Nvidia driver and Kernel 5.12 related, but I’ll test a few things.

Anyone can confirm this issue?

Maybe try other kernels then to confirm issue on kernel?

Running kernel 5.12 with the latest nvidia drivers on testing branch, I’ve not really gamed since the update but just fired up Just cause 3 in steam and it was playing fine

With Nvidia Optimus? It really looks like a Prime issue to me.

Edit: hmm, downgrading to Kernel 5.11 by deinstalling & rebooting initially didn’t fix it, but a full hard freeze and a reset later it seems to work with Kernel 5.11 now.

Updated today and works fine here,using kernel 5.10

Works again now with Kernel 5.12. I guess the latest nvidia driver update fixed it.