Unwanted call of a Google account during the startup process

Hi, after installung Majanro KDE parallel to W10 on a friends computer there is an inexplicable appearance after entering the password. You can look at it in the appendix.
In this linux installation he never used any connection with Google.
I looked in all configuration files to find any call for such program.

Did you get the Manjaro ISO from Manjaro website?

Also, did you check for the downloaded ISO SHA1 hash?

This is dubious.

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KDE supports online accounts, including for Google.
Though i suppose it wouldn’t try to log in if none were defined…

Yes I did all security checks.
And the amazing thing is that I used the same USB stick to install as I did for myself. For me it works normally.

@ maycne.sonahoz
Setting online accounts is in a different league. My problem lies much more deeper, scary.

If you blurred out some of that image because it includes private information such as the client id and domain that was never used or entered into the new/clean manjaro installation then I very highly doubt it comes from the manjaro system at all. There is nothing that would ‘scrape’ the windoze files and use them, etc.
Images are generally discouraged over text … but I also have to ask … where is this entry from?
How did you “find” or “catch” this activity?
Right now, given the makeup of that call and the rest of your story … a good guess could be the router.
(notice the portion with

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@semperlin Where did you make that screenshot (which application)? Browser developer tools?

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