Untranslated Strings

I noticed that some strings arent localized into German, or maybe they are but they get displayed nonetheless in English.
At least some of these where present on my old Manjaro install and I believe I already reported them(probably in the old Forum), however back than if I recall correctly they where translated upstream so it wasnt really possible validate that this was a wider issue. However since I have reinstalled Manjaro they are still present, even though I have made minimal to no changes to language settings.

As mentioned before I am using the German local, here are some of the unlocalized strings I have encountered so far:
The add new Kernel dialog:

As well as during the download process of a new Kernel:

Manjaro Hello:

Also within the Applications list not only are there unlocalized strings, but also missing icons. IIrc this issue is also present in the live environment(at least in the minimal install which I used).

As you can see most of them seem to be limited to the Manjaro-Settings-Manager and Manjaro Hello, although there might be more unlocalized strings in other applications.
I will make sure to report them here or upstream, but I believe that most of this already has a localization(if not I can help with translating it), but for some reason those localizations aren’t applied properly.

Please let me know if and how I can help with tracking down this issue. Thanks!

In addition within the KDE settings:
Some Dialogs within the Default-Applications arent translated:

As well as the tool tips of some applications:

As well as the background image “Set for all screens” toggle:

Just reporting it in order to gather all missing strings, although I could imagine this one being fixed with the next Plasma release and just being a symptom of Plasma 6 being relatively new.