Unsupported kernel 5.18.19-3

Hello guys, i just got a notification that im running unsupported kernel which is 5.18, now i’m just wondering which one to run, is the newest 5.19.14-1 best or should i just run the old ones like 5.15 ?

5.15 is LTS (Long-Term-Support) and 5.19 is more actual. It’s your choice what to use. Try 5.15 and if there are no complaints use it or try 5.19 and check the same. both are solutions and should do the job.

Hello @ikkako,

I would suggest to install both. Its not that bad to have a second kernel installed for emergencies. And its also not bad that the second installed kernel is an LTS kernel.

If you dont want to concern about these kernel-stuff over a long time you have to use an LTS kernel. Non-LTS kernels get EOL (End Of Life) mostly after some month and you get back to this question. :wink:

You can choose the installed kernels in grub-menu if you want and if both or the one you choose works you can uninstall 5.18.
Please remember that Manjaro by default starts the newest kernel which is installed. So if you only install 5.15 beside the 5.18 manjaro will start with 5.18 kernel. To avoid this you have to choose 5.15 via grub-menu.

But as @Olli said, you have to try on your own which one works best for you. :grinning:

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thanks <3