[Unstable Update] Changes to default password hashing algorithm and umask settings

So it begins?

:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace attica with extra/attica5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace baloo with extra/baloo5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace bluez-qt with extra/bluez-qt5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace frameworkintegration with extra/frameworkintegration5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kactivities with extra/kactivities5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kactivities-stats with extra/kactivities-stats5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace karchive with extra/karchive5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kauth with extra/kauth5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kbookmarks with extra/kbookmarks5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kcmutils with extra/kcmutils5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kcodecs with extra/kcodecs5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kcompletion with extra/kcompletion5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kconfig with extra/kconfig5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kconfigwidgets with extra/kconfigwidgets5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kcoreaddons with extra/kcoreaddons5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kcrash with extra/kcrash5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kdbusaddons with extra/kdbusaddons5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kdeclarative with extra/kdeclarative5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kded with extra/kded5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kdesu with extra/kdesu5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kdnssd with extra/kdnssd5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kdoctools with extra/kdoctools5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kfilemetadata with extra/kfilemetadata5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kglobalaccel with extra/kglobalaccel5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kguiaddons with extra/kguiaddons5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kholidays with extra/kholidays5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace ki18n with extra/ki18n5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kiconthemes with extra/kiconthemes5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kidletime with extra/kidletime5? [Y/n]   
:: Replace kimageformats with extra/kimageformats5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kio with extra/kio5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kitemmodels with extra/kitemmodels5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kitemviews with extra/kitemviews5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kjobwidgets with extra/kjobwidgets5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace knewstuff with extra/knewstuff5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace knotifications with extra/knotifications5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace knotifyconfig with extra/knotifyconfig5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kpackage with extra/kpackage5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kparts with extra/kparts5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kpeople with extra/kpeople5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kpty with extra/kpty5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kquickcharts with extra/kquickcharts5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace krunner with extra/krunner5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kservice with extra/kservice5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace ktexteditor with extra/ktexteditor5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace ktextwidgets with extra/ktextwidgets5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kunitconversion with extra/kunitconversion5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kwallet with extra/kwallet5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kwayland with extra/kwayland5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kwidgetsaddons with extra/kwidgetsaddons5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kwindowsystem with extra/kwindowsystem5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace kxmlgui with extra/kxmlgui5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace modemmanager-qt with extra/modemmanager-qt5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace networkmanager-qt with extra/networkmanager-qt5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace prison with extra/prison5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace purpose with extra/purpose5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace qqc2-desktop-style with extra/qqc2-desktop-style5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace solid with extra/solid5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace sonnet with extra/sonnet5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace syndication with extra/syndication5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace syntax-highlighting with extra/syntax-highlighting5? [Y/n] 
:: Replace threadweaver with extra/threadweaver5? [Y/n] 
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Is that from pamac or pacman?

Anyway when I ran my update, today I did it through Octopi (normally I don’t do it that way, mostly use pacman cli) and it automatically upgraded all of those.

le pacman of course :slight_smile:

I would think it means Plasma 6 should be here soon.

Use pacman and just long press Enter to accept all “Yes”.

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They say:
We’ve decided that Plasma 6 will be released in early February of 2024.

man yes


:information_source: This is not a Plasma 6 discussion thread. Settle down, nothing actually happened. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is some manjaro thing, renaming packages I mean. Nothing changed.

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I dont think so…

Arch Linux - Package Search
Arch Linux - Package Search

Eh lol, indeed. I guess it’s an arch thing now. 5 is more than none though, so it’s better now. Next week 6 confirmed! But someone should still ask to be sure.

Updating today I had this:

error: failed to prepare transaction (unable to satisfy dependencies)
:: installing kvantum (1.0.10-2) breaks the "kvantum-qt5" dependency needed by kvantum-theme-adapta
:: installing kvantum (1.0.10-2) breaks the "kvantum-qt5" dependency needed by kvantum-theme-matcha
kvantum-theme-matcha is required by manjaro-xfce-settings.

*kvantum-theme-adapta I can uninstall

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Those packages depend on the now non-existent kvantum-qt5 and need to be updated to depend on kvantum.

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Not anymore. I’m going to replace the kvantum-theme-matcha dependency with kvantum-manjaro. You’ll see new packages coming along soon.

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Is there any way to change manjaro-settings-manager to a light theme? The update caused the interface to have a dark theme.

It follows QT.
If it somehow does not match then re-consult your theming.

manjaro-settings-manager, not pamac-gtk. It’s qt-based. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since you’re on XFCE, use qt5ct or qt6ct, perhaps?

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Thanks. I changed to Fusion in qt5 settings and it now is like it was before. I am using Adapta-Maia here (xfce) and don’t want to switch to something else.

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The recent update to shared-mime-info(2.3) resulted in lost right click context menu items for “Extract to” and “Extract Here” for tar.bz2 files in Thunar. Downgrade fixed the issue.

Temporary workaround for version 2.3-1 was to create a custom action in Thunar for .tar.bz2 files or just changing the extension to .bz works just fine.

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