[Unstable Update] 2023-05-21 - Repository changes

:package: Rebuilds for the r8168 modules are incoming that should fix the issues folks were having.

:information_source: If you already removed r8168 and r8169 is working for you, then there’s nothing to do.


asking the fellows, how did the new update to grub fared. seeing a new grub-update package as well i’m assuming this is there to automate grub bootloader update.

Had a couple updates for grub earlier and have not seen any issues so all seems well.

Updated and reinstalled grub with no issues noticed. Update-grub has no issues here as well.

It’s not.

That package provides /usr/bin/update-grub script to create grub.cfg and possibly remove some dashes.
This can be seen in Gitlab here:

and here:

update-grub contents here:

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