[Unstable Update] 2023-04-14 - Kernels, Deepin, Qt5/6, KDE Frameworks 5.105.0,

Yes, we plan to drop an unmaintained feature that currently requires 16 patches to work.

Actually, that sounds like a great idea! :bulb:

No, not really. It just wasn’t re-enabled for the stable kernel. Often patches are temporarily skipped for building RC kernels.


I prefer the Bootsplash over Plymouth boot screen, but what I often did is press the ESC key to see whats going on on boot.

Plymouth can do, but it starts a bit slower than Bootsplash.

Plymouth has more advantages over Bootsplash:

  • Support encryption with LUKS in boot theme.
  • More custom themes.
  • Load a vendor logo from BIOS.

And last but not least it’s a maintained and healthy project.

I like the bootsplash-manjaro-elegant, can I use it in Plymouth?
Yes, I think I found some themes for manjaro, I will try them with Plymouth.

bootsplah have 5 years with no maintenance

  • I leave boot without a bootsplah or plymouth. ::

Bootsplash was an experiment from SUSE. They wanted to have an alternative to plymouth. I was also looking for some similar and got in contact with the author. Back then he developed it and I did some tests and usage. SUSE never shipped it as plymouth was in the end good enough. Also the vendor logo support was added at some point. Bootsplash works fine on the original Pinephone but broke for some reason with 6.2 kernel on the Pinephone Pro.

Also upstream removed some part to make Bootsplash work, hence I had to revert some stuff to get it work still. So yes bootsplash itself is not maintained but still works in some cases.

We can now argue if that is meaningful or not to have it.


I used it ever since it appears here at Manjaro.

Heads up for KDE users using Manjaros breath theme for GTK application style: gtk-theme-breath has been removed from the repositories.

it could be a possible reason why unstable ISO build failed ( iso_build · manjaro-plasma/download@98115ff · GitHub )

Shouldn’t matter cause there should be a automatic fall back to the default KDE theme to prevent the desktop from not loading.

It matters because dropped packages don’t get removed from installations.

That package obviously isn’t maintained anymore and it’s old/aging contents might cause all kind of glitches/problems in the future if someone still uses it (because it was installed and used by default on KDE installations in the past).

No, it was a connection timeout.

AFAIR it was removed for at least a year already

Wow, if that’s the case it took me a long time to notice :scream:
I tried to check package mailing list before posting but it’s broken and spewing 502 or 504 errors this whole day :man_shrugging:

edit: Mailing ist archive is backu up and I found the coresponding message from 2023-04-11:

It seems I was wrong. It was deprecated in favor of Breeze-GTK 2 years ago but still was in repos. Sorry for this inconvenience :sweat_smile:

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For AMD user:

I got the harmless error message after upgrading to Kernel 6.3:

systemd-modules-load[235]: Failed to find module 'amd_pstate'

Just remove the module amd_pstate in the file /etc/mkinitcpio.conf, because Kernel 6.3 already supports amd_pstate as the kernel parameter. No need to add the module manually.

See the official document about amd_pstate.

Or Replace it with amd_pstate_epp

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