[Unstable Update] 2020-12-02 - BREAKAGE EXPECTED - Python 3.9, Nvidia driver simplification, KDE-git

Better way to resolve this use „Pamac“ from Manjaro. It’s there own package manager (AUR - Helper)

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Received update 20.04.1-4.1, and those files truly became leftovers :sweat_smile:

I’m temporarily using gnome-tweaks-git from AUR to avoid this issue. :upside_down_face:

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Normally I do use pamac, but it doesn’t work in conjunction with systemd-nspawn which is why I use pikaur at times because that does work with it. I won’t bore you with the reasons why that is so, they are too complicated to explain.

Just found out that I have lost all printing ability now as well (hp printer - and yes I have reinstalled hplip). All connections to localhost are dead so forget cups I can’t even get the page up, and the Manjaro print settings just says ‘not connected’ all the time (obviously for the same reason) so that is no use either. I will let you know if I get a solution.
Edit. lo is up and accepting pings but nothing else.

Edit2. Solved sudo systemctl enable cups
sudo systemctl start cups

What the hell switched the service off I haven’t at clue.

…maybe you missed the message about the service changes?



Mea Culpa :hot_face:

pikaur was reinstated by a rebuild of the package.
I had already done that of course and it didn’t work, but next time I rebuilt it did work, so if you are affected by this rebuild it twice, don’t ask me why you have to do that though.

I always remove orphans. What’s the point of having them on your system if you’re sure you mark the ones you need as “explicitly installed”?

pacman/Tips and tricks - ArchWiki

Btw, I think this still needs some cleanup @nightmare-2021:


after today update I’m having a minor problem that’s when my session is locked return only a black screen. In a tty I can see that everything is normal, but I need to kill my session to able to see the login screen again (or startx a new session). I’m using lightdm. It also happens if I use xflock4, it will go direct to the black screen.
Did new tests without a second monitor, it will go to login, but to try to login with my user will result in a black screen.
Locking with xscreensaver and login will not result in a blackscreen but xscreensaver is too ugly to be used.

As the problem was with light-locker and there’s only a few other options to be used with lightdm, changed to sddm to work around the problem.

I am with this, when upgrading in pamac:

parallel: Warning: $HOME not set. Using /tmp.

Just installed the latest set of updates from unstable and I am experiencing a problem with the sudo command.

sudo --help works
sudo systemctl status [some service] crashes.

I can su to root and doing coredumpctl tells me the program that crashed was sudo.

Anyone else seeing this?


systemctl don`t needs sudo

There’s a thread about it here:

sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch testing
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) sudo pacman-mirrors --api --set-branch testing

You can use su to start a root shell instead.

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is pamac broken? I’m trying to install virtualbox-ext-oracle from AUR, this is what I get during auth (without actually typing the password):

** (pkttyagent:66921): WARNING **: 17:00:15.007: Error reading line from helper: nothing to read
Error: Authentication failed

Whereas pamac-manager gets stuck on Checking inter-conflicts…
P.S. I’m asking here because it’s the most recent topic, but I’m pretty sure this issue was caused by today’s (09-12-2020) update

It’s likely that not only sudo but also the polkit authentication is broken, while su still works. I’ve already rolled back to testing branch to get a working sudo back :upside_down_face:

when did that change? I’ve been using sudo for systemctl forever it seems…

You can use it, but not necessarily. It will ask for password if necessary. :slight_smile: