[Unstable Update] 2020-09-13 - Kernels, Qt 5.15.1, Browser, Pamac

Had this too (Suu'd it to sync)

warning: sndio: local (20180120-1) is newer than community (1.7.0-3)

here too not working, but no fonts problem in my side

Strange you’re just seeing this, it happened more than 2 weeks ago to me:

Meh. I suppose it could have been from previously and I didnt handle it then :woman_shrugging:
(though it is in the repos from an arch packager … but does now seem to be an orphan on my system)

The font issue is also discussed on the arch bug tracker:


It looks like it is not a bug but a feature. Solution for me was to remove the folder $HOME/.config/fontconfig
I have no idea where this folder was coming from, but removing it fixes the ugly fonts.

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Second time I see this when updating:

Warning: linux58-vhba-module-20200106-24 is updated - reinstalling
Warning: linux58-virtualbox-host-modules-6.1.14-12 is updated - reinstalling
Warning: linux59-vhba-module-20200106-1 is updated - reinstalling
Warning: linux59-virtualbox-host-modules-6.1.14-1 is updated - reinstalling

Not a problem?

unstable brings new linux59 5.9.0-4 and linux59-headers 5.9.0-4 today. But I can not find the source for that.

git clone https://gitlab.manjaro.org/packages/core/linux59.git

Still gets me 5.9.0-2. Where is the source?

It’s there now.

It doesnt work:

==> ERROR: 0000-prepatch-5.9-20201016.patch was not found in the build directory and is not a URL.

same here

I guess Phil forgot to push the file.

Anyways, there is another update now to 5.9.1 (where the bluetooth stuff is included now I assume)

Enabling the LCD-Filter solved this for me.

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Is dbus-x11 going to replace dbus?

Oh…Pop Shell needs it.

Ok. I will give it a try. But where are the sources for all the extramodules?

The repo

is empty.

You have to wait, the Developers are also only humans. :wink:
There are still some things they can be automated, but this is harder for Kernel Builds.

I thought that with all the 5.9 release candidates that have been published over the last couple of weeks that the extramodules directory would be populated with at least something. Even if it is old. But it is completely empty.

They usually build a package first, and then add/update git files if they don’t forget about it. I presume so based to my observations of Manjaro’s git since 2019 :smile:

I entirely dislike that “workflow” - it should be the other way around.