Unstable branch vs Arch stable repos?

How is unstable branch different from Arch stable repos ? Is there any additional testing or work done by Manjaro team before pushing Arch packages to unstable branch ?

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The Manjaro unstable branch is nearly identical to Arch stable except for our package overlays and customizations on top.

We sync Arch stable directly to Manjaro unstable. I also use Arch and closely follow their package updates and mailing lists as well as follow upstream issues. From there, we see what needs to be done on our end.

Occasionally, things may break just like on Arch. We also quickly apply fixes just like they do. Ah, the life of a Package Maintainer… :grinning:

Please see Manjaro Features


Thanks really for your hard work :kissing_heart:, it seems to be not an easy task to do and not anyone can do it, especially with that huge number of packages and the frequency of Arch daily updates.

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