Unsplashed wallpaper file location

Good morning.

I found a good wallpaper that the unsplashed wallpaper put on my monitor and I want to save it. Where can I find it and save to my computer?

I don’t run Plasma, but in xfce they can be found in:


Try /usr/share/wallpapers/

I would guess it is similar on your computer.

Unsplash “Photo of the Day” is archived here: Photo of the Day (Archive) | 100+ best free wallpaper, background, outdoor and grey photos on Unsplash

This is the remote source that KDE pulls from, I believe.

(You might have to wait an extra day or so to see the most recent ones make it to the archive.)

The wallpaper is usually replaced by the “POTD Plugin” in here:


This applies to any source for the POTD Plugin, including Bing, for example.

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There’s actually no limit on this.

I use Variety - which downloads wallpapers from Usplash, I then elect to delete or move them to favourites via mouse gesture.

My wallpapers are stored externally - and I set KDE to do inactive blur wallpapers, pointed at my /mnt/T4/resources/wallpapers/favourites folder.

There’s no need to use system folders for downloaded papers - those are for installed ones.

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thank you with this. I have a dual monitor and the photos showing here are just in monitor 1. i’ll try to explore this folder.

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