Unsatisfied GNOME 42 dependency

pacman update displays AUR gnome-shell-extension-blur-my-shell 30-1 as an update over the installed 28-2. However trying to install it asks for a provider of libmutter-10.0.so, all choices seem to be from the GNOME 42 release. Installation fails because of unresolvable dependencies.


Is this to be expected and will “heal itself” during the next couple days?

That’s an AUR package and therefor it’s made for Arch (which already has gnome 42).

In Manjaro the AUR is unsupported and gnome 42 just hit unstable:

I doubt it’ll even be in the next stable update.

For the time being the package can be kept at the current version or install it via the browser extension, that way the version compatible with your current version of the gnome-shell will be used: Blur my Shell - GNOME Shell Extensions This way you can keep using stable manjaro with the latest compatible version of the extension.

This is the way I use most of the extensions that are not in the manjaro repositories and minimize the use of the AUR.

Much appreciated, thank you. For the record: Pressing Alt-F2 in GNOME and running command r will restart the current session. Comes in handy!

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