Unresponsive lock screen / phone is completely frozen

From time to time the lock screen is no longer responding and I need to restart the phone. I have auto-lock disabled and lock the phone manually via the hardware button. When I press the button again after leaving the phone for a while the lock screen does not react to the touch input and thus cannot be unlocked. The hardware button is still able to turn off the screen though.

This issue has existed for the past few months already.

I didn’t try to simply restart sddm yet since that rarely fixed issues for me on the PinePhone. Will do so the next time this issue occurs.

I am using the “Beta Edition” with the latest updates installed via pacman -Syuu.

I’ve had this issue in the past, but haven’t recently. Hopefully the update to 5.26 will fix it.

It happened to me at least once this week.

It just happened again.

It turns out the whole phone is frozen. So I cannot connect via SSH and it doesn’t react when I disconnect the charger. I always did a hard reset never looked further into it. So this might not get fixed by Plasma 5.26…

Some more information.

  • there’s no core dump
  • journal log doesn’t show anything interesting. The past few hours was just calindac spam (it writes a bunch of messages every minute)
  • the freeze seemed to have happened 8 hours ago (at least that’s how old the last journal entry was). So at some point it just freezes up and it seems it has nothing to do with the lock screen at all.

On a side note - during boot there’s a lot of errors and warnings in the log,

It happened again. Even after the latest update which included Plasma 5.26.

But this time the system is still responsive (i.e. I can SSH in). What information should I collect form it?

There’s no core dumps at all (not even historical ones - which is weird).

And in the journal there’s nothing (beside the super distracting tens of thousands messages by calindac - I don’t even use the calendar).