Unresponsive keyboard after wake from suspend (hibernate works and has no issues)

Hello Everyone,

Problem description:
My Dell XPS 13 9350 is using Manjaro Gnome with the 6.7.4 Kernel (also happens under 6.6.16 LTS Kernel). It appears that for some reason when I suspend my laptop, and then try to wake it up, only the touchpad works and I am unable to type or use the keyboard to be able to login (under GDM). However, when I hibernate the laptop and resume, the keyboard works normally.

I have not done any major changes to my laptop, so trying to understand what the cause of the issue is here. I don’t believe this was happening a few months ago, so my guess is it was an update or new package released that possibly caused this issue.

If I can provide any detailed logs or configs, please let me know. Any assistance I can get for troubleshooting this issue would be super appreciated.