Unreal Engine Package Request

Installing unreal engine is a time consuming pain, and attempting to compile install multiple versions for the same machine is a massive frustration. What would be nice is to be able to have pre-compiled packages for 4.26,4.27, and 5. There is a package for 4.26 on the AUR but I couldn’t get that to install and 4.26 is not enough on it’s own anyway, the Engine has moved on in versions.

In an ideal world Epic Games would provide pre-compiled packages, but alas, they don’t seem to care two hoots about Linux users.

Wondered why Arch Linux is not packaging and redistributing Unreal Engine in the first place? The end user has to accept the license and also Epic has to acknowledge and to accept user’s acceptance before the user will be able to download any part of Unreal Engine, regardless of if it’s binary or not.
Otherwise it’s a copyright infringement and a license violation, which can result in DMCA at best and a lawsuit if Epic would like.

While AUR stands indeed for Arch User Repository is still not a software repository, like a linux distribution has, but provides just PKGBUILD files, hence whoever made that PKGBUILD is not breaking any licensing …

As it states:

and is the same with UE5 …


I think that this might be the reason why.

You must have an Epic Games account connected to your github account to even get the sources.


Thanks, that makes complete sense to me now.

Thanks, it also needs a secure key as well in order to authenticate to the git repo, I just need to go through that and learn how to make pkgbuilds for 4.27 and 5.

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