Unreadable text in some entry boxes: i3wm version and theming?

I have been using the Manjaro i3wm in 2-3 different machines. Lately, and seems more prevalent in the latest kernel on my laptop that every once in a while, particularly in Palemoon browser, but also in some other applications, I am unable to read the text I type into some of the dark theme entry boxes. The text colour is very dark grey to almost black. On other apps the same theme of box produces a nice white text so I can actually see what I am typing.

I have been unable to determine any consistency and I have not been mucking around with any theming.

Any ideas?

Did you try lxappearance?

Well that was my first idea, but it means changing the entire theme for all applications and the problem is not consistent…

I see, but I thought you could see what will happen, if it could be a problem with just your theme and palemoon. I rember sometimes in the past I had to set something for firefox to use the same (gtk-)theme as the system or another theme because it didn’t work with my favourit theme then. Maybe your problem is similiar. If you look sharp, palemoon is nothing more than a very old firefox.