Unreadable black text on default dark window background

I am new to Manjaro and KDE (previously Ubuntu, Gnome and macOS user). I have a solo Linux install (no dual boot and wiped the hard drive) on 2009 MacBookPro with SSD. I have tried several dozen KDE dark and light themes. Many system setting windows present with black text on the charcoal/brown window background (the default Konsole color). I cannot find the setting to fix this contrast problem. It is not present in every app or window, but I always have the problem in Settings > Appearance > Global Themes. Otherwise, Manjaro works well as long as I stick to standard apps and don’ t customize too much. The drivers I need are there, and the repositories are great.


Konsole appearance is set seperately in its own profiles.
(and the built-in one is read-only, so you must create a new profile if you have not already)

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