Unposted comment appears to be posted

Hi, I was writing a reply when I lost my network connection without noticing it. I posted the comment and it looked successful. Then I went into another tab and that’s when I learn there is no internet. I fixed the internet and re-opened the thread in a new tab and the comment is of course not there.

But in the original tab, it is still there appearing it was posted. Only once I carefully look I see the green bar at the bottom saying “saving”.

Here is a screenshot:

I think having the comment displayed in context like this is pretty misleading. I assume it’s done because 99% of the time it makes things feel snappier while the network stuff is happening in the background.

After restoring the network connection, I can’t re open the comment editing box by using the “expand” button in the bottom left corner. I don’t know what happened there. I got the content back by copy/pasting the text from the apparently-posted content.

It happens sometimes.
I (almost) always write in an external editor and copy/paste when I’m done.
That way the comment is not lost when things like this happen.


The forum is actually an application - it keeps a local database in the browser IndexedDB and and Cache storage.

So what you see may be an offline copy that is stored in the moment you press reply - but only gets posted when the internet connection returns.

It didn’t get posted when the connection returned though. Even if it did I don’t think it’s great UI because you could close out the application or something once you thought it was posted.

In the other window there was a draft available, but it was not up to date. I assumed the draft was stored on a remote server, was not updated once the connection was disrupted, and that’s why. If you are saying it’s stored locally then I can’t explain why that would be.