Unpartitioned space or unknown partition table

I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop and try to install Manjaro 18.04 with Gnome. When it asks me about installation, the message “unpartitioned space or unknown partition table” appears. I have in my computer MX Linux 19 and Ubuntu 20. I believe the problem is something about crypto with Ubuntu. I want to replace Ubuntu with your OS. How can I solve the problem? (Sorry for my english).

can you boot on USB iso manjaro
open a terminal
and report

inxi -Fza 
sudo parted -l
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Current version is 21.0.2:

You should delete first the partitions used by Ubuntu with the installer of Manjaro.

I’ ll do it. Thank you.

I deleted the ubuntu with Gparted. The system then don’t show the mxlinux and said grub error, so I install at this moment Manjaro from DVD. It’s 92% now. When I ll finish I ll tell you the final results.

The first try to install failed because of the greek language I choose. I could not write the password when the installation ends and the computer started with Manjaro. So, I made again the installation with english language, and everything is ok. I believe that you must solve the problem with greek language. Thank you for your help.

When I try to do the updates (about 900) it says there is a problem. I push “ignore” but Manjaro after a while stucked. So, this moment I download the 21.0.2 edition.

You should download the very lastest version of Manjaro: 21.0.4.

Yes Manjaro 18 is like 2 years old I think… (//EDIT: it is even older… it is from end of 2018 :man_facepalming:)

Rolling release distro need to be updated continuously, not once every year or more… or else you have big issue, some not really fixable.