Unmount SD card from Nautilus

Hi there,
I switched to Manjaro a few years ago from Ubuntu and so far everything went fine. There is one thing that troubles me regularily.

When inserting an SD card it pops open automatically in Nautilus and I can do what I have to do. But then when I want to remove it - I don’t know what to do.

Clicking that “eject” symbol gives me an error - telling me that this is not an ejectable device. Sure. I just expected the system to unmount the filesystem so I can safely remove the card. But since there is no “unmount” option I have no other means than to press that eject icon.

Is there a way to configure Nautilus to do the proper operation here?

I don’t want to use the terminal for such a trivial task.

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I am not familiar enough with Nautilus

But there is a difference between eject and unmount.

  • The eject - unmounts and cuts power
  • The umount - only unmount but does nut cut power

Just a thought - perhaps Gnome see’s it the zen way - if the user wants to mount it again - it is not ejected but just unmounted

Thats not what I meant. Nautilus shows only one option for the SD card - either by clicking the “eject” icon or via right click > “eject”. There is no unmount option. And when clicking “eject” I get an error message. I just want nautilus to offer the correct option. I don’t see why this should be some GNOME philosophy thing since it leads to an error message.

You asked - I answered - using the information provided.


Guess I’ll file a bug with the GNOME team then.