"Unlocking Failed" When i put my right password

After i have updated some packages with the terminal right now i cannot have access to my user account when i put my correct password as always. Its in lockscreen and i cant have access anymore.
Thank you.

Hi @ptsantzalis,

I also had this happen to me, just when I started using Manjaro. I am not sure what caused it, but rebooting from the lock screen usually helped, or just resetting the computer.

I also found out that it’s important to perform updates, and then merge the configuration files properly, because that can cause this kind of behaviour. I ended up reinstalling my system, and since then doing the above, and haven’t had something like this happen since.


Hope this helps!

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I just formatting the machine because i had and some other small problems.
It could be solved now.

It could, yes. But now you have the perfect opportunity to just keep it like that.