Unlocking a tablet with Manjaro

My daughter bought the Lenovo TB-7306F tablet a few months ago and has now forgotten the password. In her wisdom, she factory reset the device and when she goes through the setup process it asks her for the old password.

I was wondering if there was an app for Manjaro that would allow you to bypass this step if I connected the tablet to my PC.

I believe this is a Windows reset and this is not a Windows Forum.


The procedure to factory reset will continue without it - it was just a built in chance to save some data in case the password was known.
The bypass is (seems to be) to supply the password.
No encryption worth the name can be just circumvented by access via another device.

re passwords - and remembering them:

actual words or phrases might be good enough if you are not a high value target
The majority of people aren’t.
Way easier for you is a phrase from some random book or movie or whatever -
or some saying in your own language and dialect -
which you know and will always remember for a particular reason which no one else knows about.
take the first (or second or whatever …) character of the phrase to be your password.
… you’ll never forget the phrase, no one knows whether the PW is derived from it nor is it known that the basis even was a phrase
and the PW can be very long - without creating any difficulty to you remembering it

randomly created strings are maybe even safer - but you won’t be able to memorize them reliably beyond a certain length

Unlike IPhones and other Apple devices (I have only heard of but never owned myself)
Android devices can be easily reset, no questions asked - at least not dependent on the correct answer to such questions regarding the previous content or owner.
They might ask you to preserve some data but require a valid password to do so.
But they can be reset nonetheless.

Question is:
do you actually need to recover the data?
or is it inconsequential and you don’t care about losing it and you just want to start from scratch?

… if you need to recover the data - you are out of luck without the password

as that is the whole point of encryption in the first place :grin:

You are not very specific what password exactly is needed. Is it an android device, is the google password needed? Then go to the google password recovery from any computer.
Is it a device pin. On some older android versions, it can be deleted if the device has usb debugging enabled and authorized which is not the default. Shouldn’t be the case because i think a reset should have cleared that too.

it asks for the last password that was used for the device

… we know …

but factory reset is what is designed to ignore all that - and do the reset anyway
… destroying anything pre-existing along the way
as it should be doing

you need the proper password
if you can’t supply it - you’ll not get to access the data
it is as simple as that