Unknown Removable Drive Shows in Thunar

There’s a removable drive showing up in Thunar File Manager with the name “ARV21X”. It isn’t mounted anywhere. I never inserted any removable drive or USB flash drive or anything. So it’s a bit unexpected.

When looking through lsusb, lspci, and fdisk I’m not seeing anything. How do I figure what this is and where it’s coming from? Hopefully someone’s not having some fun with my device.

…this is what goooogle found.

No googs for me. Where in the second link does it mention ARV21X as not some other random code? What command does Thunar use to find this and how should I mount/unmount? Nothings plugged in currently.

Well, it seems that it can be some Australian registration plate:


Or something to do with a cellphone:

Or something completely different.



What pops out if you run:

inxi --admin --verbosity=7 --filter --no-host --width | grep --ignore-case ARV21X

Also, see if there’s anything in the output of:


Probably a block device which is not filtered by udev, or it was not probably unmounted. Perhaps a Android device which was connected via MTP?


Thunar used udisks2 to mount devices.

If it is a removable drive it should be possible to right-click and select Safely Remove
then reboot system and check if it is still shown in Thunar

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It could be a smartphone?
I found this EMMC: VEN : BIWIN : ARV21X (from a ZTE device)
but it also could be a pi like device, or a storage device in your router?
Storage device on your motherboard?

I also found this link: BAPCo - MobileMark 2018 Result Detail (it is mentioned as disk)

Virtual audio device?