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Soooo noob here. Recently a windows update messed my dual install and when trying to get to the grub selection screen i get a message saying “unknown filesystem, grub rescue”.

I followed some tutorials, set prefix and boot to their respective directories and after that doing normal on grub i can initiate normally, but after rebooting i get the same screen again and have to repeat all the process

i believe it is due to the grub not knowing any of the partitions filesystems as in most tutorials, to find where the system is stored you must do ls on every partition until you get one with a known filesystem but i didn’t get this message even with the one manjaro is installed on

Any help is welcome as i am currently clueless

Once in the system, did you run from terminal:
sudo update-grub

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i have now. After doing so, the grub rescue screen still appears. Now the partition in wich my manjaro is installed has its filesystem recognised. However i performed the process again (set boot, set prefix, insmod normal) i succesfully logged into my install, but after rebooting I get the grub recue again

ah, probably you have to reinstall it as was initially and then update it

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i feared so. Can i use something like clonezilla to maintain my configuration? I heard i can but i do’nt really know how or if it will maintain my whole installation

Could there be a mix up of a Windows UEFI install and Manjaro MBR install, or the other way around? It’s difficult to set up 2 different boot-systems alongside each other.

If not: This tutorial might come handy


This worked, thanks a lot. However i need to find a method to flash all my system info in some way as i have this kinds of error often with my laptop

It’s a bit off-topic so I will try to keep it short, but for future maintaining most of your configuration:

You could use a separate drive or partition for your home directory, and mount it during a fresh install (or after). Most of the configuration will be usable, but will fail if you don’t use the same username.
Can be fixed though using rsync or chown recursively in your home/user/ directory, but be careful with that, chown could follow symlinks and can create unsafe permissions.

Hope that this is helpful for you.


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