Unity coming soon to Arch

The maintainer of Ubuntu Unity Edition has reveled a teaser of Unity Desktop running in Arch Linux.

It would be great if a Manjaro Community edition is made available once Unity becomes stable in Arch.



As someone who lived through Ubuntu’s change from gnome2 to Unity. I hope he renames it to something like “Screw the Community”.

Well, it will depend on python2 and other packages you may find in the AUR by now …

I am not sure if that was a sarcasm, but python2 is not anymore installed in recent versions of Ubuntu, but Unity works there.

Here is the announcement.

Well …

[unity-for-arch]$ grep python2 */PKGBUILD
bamf-ubuntu/PKGBUILD:    export PYTHON=/usr/bin/python2
compiz-ubuntu/PKGBUILD:        -DPYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/python2.7 \
compiz-ubuntu/PKGBUILD:        -DPYTHON_LIBRARY=/usr/lib/libpython2.7.so \
dee-ubuntu/PKGBUILD:depends=(dbus-glib glib2 icu python python-gobject python2 python-gobject)
hud/PKGBUILD:             intltool qt5-base python2-distribute vala)
indicator-power/PKGBUILD:makedepends=(cmake intltool python2)
indicator-printers/PKGBUILD:makedepends=(intltool python2)
indicator-session/PKGBUILD:makedepends=(cmake intltool python2)
libappindicator/PKGBUILD:        PYTHON=python2 CSC=/usr/bin/mcs
libappindicator/PKGBUILD:        PYTHON=python2 CSC=/usr/bin/mcs
libtimezonemap/PKGBUILD:makedepends=(gobject-introspection intltool python2)
libunity/PKGBUILD:makedepends=(intltool vala python2 gobject-introspection)
libunity/PKGBUILD:    ./configure --prefix=/usr --disable-static --enable-headless-tests PYTHON=python2
unity-settings-daemon/PKGBUILD:makedepends=(intltool xf86-input-wacom libxslt docbook-xsl python2)
zeitgeist-ubuntu/PKGBUILD:    sed -i '1s/python$/python2/' data/ontology2code

Regular compiz is in the aur, not sure if the ubuntu-compiz will be…

My build-CI is still failing. Will see later today what is still missing …

My CI finished now to build Unity7 for Manjaro …


Upstream Unity created this repo: Index of /arch-unity. It also includes the outdated python2 and Gnome2 packages needed to make it work. It slightly uses different python2 packaging than I used in my port for Manjaro.

The version of Unity in the Ubuntu 22.10 repos does still have a few dependencies on some GNOME2 packages, but Rudra attempt to eliminate all the python2 dependencies in the upcoming port.

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The repo for Manjaro Stable Branch can be found here: Index of /