Uninstalling Firefox

I just put Manjaro on my desktop (replacing Ubuntu) and have Mint/Cin on a laptop, uninstalling firefox on Mint wasn’t a problem, wasn’t a problem on Ubuntu either, Ubuntu didn’t like my desktop which is why I went with Manjaro. I’ve tried the store removal, I’ve tried using the terminal and it just won’t let me. I have a screenshot of the reason, but I think I am too new to post it. Any help would be appreciated. I never even opened the Firefox, immediately went for Brave.

If you don’t post relevant information how can people help? What is the reason it doesn’t want to be removed?

not possible without facts/evidence

… just guesses - which are rarely helpful

You can’t uninstall firefox you say?
How did you try to do it? …

It says Failed to prepare transactions (could not satisfy dependencies) removing firefox breaks dependency ‘firefox’ required by firefox gnome-theme- and I can’t get the last word.

Ok then remove first firefox-gnome-theme-maia (I suppose this is this package). The theme requires Firefox, so you can’t remove Firefox before removing the theme.

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that, to me , would mean:
remove that gnome-theme as well …

… what would it be needed for - if not for firefox …

ps: I’m out - @omano got this :wink:

The race for the replies :smiley:


I tried removing it from add/remove software, no go
I tried sudo pacman -Rsn firefox also no go
I also tried one other that I cannot recall, but it also was a no go.

Ok, I will try this, hope this is it. Being new I don’t know all the ins and outs. Thank you

nahh - it’s just that I’ve got time now
no race …

… this depends on that - which might depend on yet another thing
remove the original offender
or just remove disregarding dependencies

… some pacman command with appropriate flags …

Thank you ever so much, that was the problem. All gone. :smile:

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