Uninstalled tlp. How to restore the default power manager?

Been running tlp for sometime. Now that I have uninstalled it is there anything that needs to be done to restore whatever that is default in Gnome?

I’m wondering something is amiss as I do not see the power schemes (Balanced, Battery or Performance) in the settings

Hi @Kevin77,

I think you’re looking for gnome-power-manager from the extra repository:

$ pamac search gnome-power-manager
gnome-power-manager                                                                                                                                                                                                             43.0-1                extra
System power information and statistics

…so it can be installed with:

pamac install gnome-power-manager

Please note:

Using neither Gnome nor a laptop, I am not :100: on this and might be wrong.

However, I hope it helps!

systemctl unmask power-profiles-daemon.service
systemctl enable --now power-profiles-daemon.service

Now I could see full-blown options in the power settings

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