Uninstall VLC cleanly

I want to uninstall VLC without leaving any residue WITHOUT taking anything else with it. Is there

sudo pacman -Rns vlc

correct, or is that too thorough?

what do you mean without any residue?

if you wish to remove all its dependencies then yes that is the command you would use, but pacman will never touch the users home directory meaning that any files vlc created in your home dir will be left behind and you will have to delete them yourself.

$ pacman -Rh

You’re removing unneeded dependencies as well (not quite “without anything else”).


Ok, question: what exactly happens when I uncheck/uninstall VLC in the welcome app under Applications (e.g. right after a fresh install where no configs have been set up yet)?

Just as long as you do not run the software after it is installed you will not have any files created in your home dir. The devs may have ran it before they created the iso so vlc may still be in your home dir.

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thx @Linuxious , @freggel.doe

No problem!

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