Uninstall Eclipse

Hi everyone, I installed Eclipse by downloading it from the official website.


tar -xzf eclipse-inst-jre-linux64.tar.gz 

And then I started the “eclipse-inst” executable file.

Now I would like to uninstall it, I am left with the icon in the applications menu, and the “eclipse” folder in “/home/user/”.

How can I solve it?

Did you run it without root permission?

I guess eclipse-inst is the shell script.
You can track where Eclipse files are stored if you can read and understand what is written in this shell script.

Eclipse desktop file may be located in $HOME/.local/share/applications/

Search where is eclipse in your home folder

$ find $HOME/ -name "*eclipse*"

I removed the “/home/user/eclipse” and “home/user/.config/eclipse” folders.



The list is very long…

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