Ungit - AUR or npm install?

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I am interested in ungit, based on the mentioning of it in the linked Topic.

2 questions

  1. can git and ungit co-exist on the same system (I am guessing yes)?
    1/ I find ungit in the AUR but also see npm install -g ungit as installation instruction elsewhere. Is there any advantage of one method over the other? I’d lean towards npm install ... a bit

ungit is not comething that changes your git repo or makes git obsolete.

It is a git repo visualizer designed to abstract the complex commandline interface to git.

You can compare ungit to any other git client like

  • SmartGit
  • Sublime Merge

that was my impression more or less. thx for confirming this.
Do you happen to have any advise on the installation method (npm vs AUR) issue?

It depends how you wish to install it:

  • as a user specific application (in your home directory), npm is relevent
  • as a system wide installed application, always prefer using the package manager
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If you use AUR then the node.js version will be system wide.

The system wide installation may create issues if two AUR application needs node.js but in different version then you may get issues where one application may not work.

So depending on your requirements it may be OK to use AUR.

prefer AUR for update notification and never install node apps in system (only in home) … as python apps
pip and npm are for dev