Unexpected inconsistency, run fsck manually

Hey !
I’ve been using a dual boot manjaro kde/Windows 10 for a few months and I often encounter this problem while booting (see pictures)
I always solve it by typing something like

fsck /dev/sda4

Please, does anyone know why I keep getting this problem?
I also did a smart data test recently and everything is OK.

Thanks by advance for your help!!

Smart data test: https://paste.pics/8c3e24561c8ddad65c0877a1795e3d67
Error while booting: https://paste.pics/861d2576a49d9a84626bbcbd738baca2

Use the Manjaro Iso, boot from it and run fsck /dev/your device.

Hey ! Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Just to clarify, I was able to solve the problem without doing this
I simply wrote

fsck /dev/sda4

in the terminal.
But I often get this problem (as an example, I just got it today) and I’d like to understand from where it is coming and how to avoid it

Thank you by advance for your help

We have zero information about your system, which filesystem is used on that partition and where and how it is mounted.
As of now, only you know that.

There is probably something hinting at the cause in your system logs when you examine the previous boot cycle(s).
sudo journalctl --list-boots
and then select the one where it occurred
sudo journalctl -b _some_number_or_ID_
man journalctl
or search the net to find how to use it to get you the information

Of course there are also graphical log viewers that may be already present in your (KDE?) system - I don’t know about them because I have never used them.

Normally, only when the partition is not mounted, you can run fsck.

That’s because the unclean filesystem was not mounted in the first place - that’s why you got that error and failure to fully boot and got presented with an emergency shell - from where you could run the fsck commands on the not yet mounted filesystem.