Unclutter in .xprofile not working

I want unclutter to be run in background when my session is loaded so following the arch wiki I added

unclutter &

in .config/.xprofile and made sure that file was called by .xinitrc using

[ -f ~/.config/.xprofile ] && . ~/.config/.xprofile

However, I don’t manage to make it work since unclutter isn’t in my background process, any debug advice?

That will not work. The .xprofile file has to be in your home directory, not under another subfolder, but why don’t you make use of KDE Plasma Autostart?
Just add in Startup and Shutdown > Autostart a new entry by pressing the +Add… > + Add Application…
and in the opened window just type unclutter &
That will create a desktop file inside ~/.config/autostart/

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Oh okay I thought some rices I saw earlier put it in the .config folder but seems that it was the .xinitrc that was in .config folder and not .xprofile :sweat_smile:
That works now thanks ! Yes but I’m planning to move on i3 so I’m trying to do things using conf files instead of GUI when I can but ofc it’s easier !

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