`Uname -r` and `pacman -Q linux` report different kernels

Is this normal? I think they are supposed to report the same, but maybe I am just wrong there.

My setup is a multi-boot system using rEFInd, and I select the kernel using rEFInd at boot (actually, it is set to boot the latest kernel automatically, but I can manually select a different one).

I have a separate /boot partition and a separate /boot/efi partition, but both appear to be properly designated in /etc/fstab and both boot correctly every time. I note this b/c my searching resulted in a lot of forums stating that the user somehow updated their kernel to the wrong /boot --> but I only have one.

I did notice that the kernel that shows up in uname -r (e.g., 5.8.3-2) appears as Running and Installed in the Manjaro Settings Manager. Whereas the kernel that shows up from pacman -Q linux is always the LTS version that is listed as Installed (e.g., 5.4.60-2) in MSM.

uname tells you the currently running kernel version, but you may have more than one installed. Run pacman -Ss linux | egrep 'core/linux[0-9]{,2} ' to see which ones are installed.

So it is ok to have pacman -Q linux report a different one – i.e., one of the other ones that are installed but not running?

Yes, it is.

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I think it will make more sense if you look like this:

pacman -Qs linux


pacman -Qs kernel | grep linux

Or some other way.
pacman -Q linux is just returning the first package that matches … not all of them.


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