Unable to use WoMicClient

This is my first post on this forum because today is my 1st time as a Linux user.
When I was on Windows, I was usually using the WoMicClient app: it transforms an Android smartphone into a microphone server, wich can be used to get a microphone input on the host OS.
WoMicClient has a Linux support, but when I try to use it, it just doesn’t work. I want to use it for Discord but it doesn’t work.
This is why I ask some help there, I use pulseaudio as audio server, and there is my WoMicClient script:
sudo modprobe snd-aloop
pulseaudio --start
womic -t Wifi

And here is the tutorial i followed: (https://)wolicheng(.com)/womic/wo_mic_linux(.html)

See this comment on the woclient AUR page.

Thanks a lot ! I forgot to look at AUR comments ahah… My problem is solved now !

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