Unable to use Manjaro after windows update crash ( dual boot )

I am having manjaro and windows 10 as a dual boot setup on a SSD. Today when I was updating windows 10 due to low power the update didn’t completed and when I plugged in power it was not booting up so I used windows reset option to reset it But after that, the boot menu is not showing and it opens windows 10 and bcz of that I am not able to access manjaro.
I tried to boot manjaro using live usb and found that my old files of manjaro is still there.
I don’t know how to fix this ?
Thanks in advance.

You can examine this title:

The last post seems important:

with any USB iso manjaro
if this not on btrfs you can use

sudo manjaro-chroot -a
and never forget ,
to Exit ( end-chroot )

And also:

If grub menu is empty or boot error, you need boot into a Manjaro LIVE ISO on USB to fix your system. Run the command:
sudo manjaro-chroot [mount with your system partition]
Password: manjaro
Run sudo update-grub or sudo grub-mkconfig