Unable to use grub

I’ve installed grub-customizer and tried to fix my previous problem. Also I’ve tried to make windows 11 the default choice in grub.

It didn’t work and it did some damage, now I don’t see a menu and it simply boots into manjaro by default.
I’ve tried things like

sudo os-prober
sudo update-grub

I’ve also tried:

sudo pamac reinstall grub

At reboot, I get an error like: sparse file not allowed. Press any key to continue…

I’ve tried this solution with no luck.

What can I do to fix it? I need to occasionally boot into windows.

UPDATE 1: I’ve fix the error, but grub still doen’t appear. I’ve tried this, but still nothing.

UPDATE 2: Grub now appears but windows 11 is not listed.

Have you checked whether os-prober is not disabled?

Then you’re on your own. grub-customizer is not compatible with Manjaro and is not available in our repos for that reason.

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